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COVID-19 & Re-Entry Resource Center

As updates surrounding the Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, are made, BOMA remains committed to providing helpful resources to our members and other commercial real estate professionals. The documents below include guidelines, response protocols and slides from past webinars related to the issue.


Resource documents will be added regularly.



Check back for upcoming webinars.




Look to BOMA first! Our BOMA Industry Partners are open and ready to help you! Click on the link below to view the products/services being offered by BOMA Industry Partner Companies during this time. If your company should be on this list, click here to fill out the questionnaire. For questions, please contact Justin Wallander.


BOMA Seattle King County

Description: This 1 hour webinar is presented by Michael Yaki and Erik Makinson from C-PACER Alliance. This webinar discusses a new financing tool and options to facilitate energy retrofits, water conservation and seismic upgrades. It also details how C-PACER funding works and how you can gain access to off-balance sheet funding.

Description: This 1 hour webinar is presented by Hugh McCullough and Ragan Powers from Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and discusses preparing for and dealing with tenant bankruptcies.

Description: This 1 hour webinar is presented by Dr. Daniel Hallak from WiLD Leaders. This session will be an honest conversation about where you are right now and the type of support and connection that you need.  We’ll focus on moving from a default support system to an intentional support system. You’ll leave with greater clarity about your relational needs for being your best when it matters most, for your sake and the sake of the people who you are responsible for investing in. Together, we’ll move from isolated to intentional.

Description: This 40 minute webinar is presented by King County Assessor John Wilson. He addresses COVID-19 pandemic's impact related to property value and assessment cycles and taxes. He also speaks to current Washington State laws regarding emergency situations and any relief action an assessor can or cannot offer. He also discusses short and long term impacts on assessments that can help inform your budgeting efforts for 2021 and beyond. Brought to you by BOMA Seattle King County and NAIOP. The presentation slides can be found here. 

Description: This 50 minute webinar is presented by Rich Moore from Pacifica Law Group. Legal and practical considerations for landlords and their agents when engaging with tenants to negotiate and document rent deferral and other similar arrangements, particularly in light of COVID-19. This webinar discusses important topics to consider before engaging in these discussions as well as different ways to document any agreed upon rent deferral or other arrangement.

Description: This 55 minute webinar features a presentation by Green & Norwood PLLC.

Learn more about the enforcement mechanisms set forth in Washington statute and case law, as well as functional considerations in preparing for lease enforcement and collection of lease obligations in the future.

Description: This 2.5 hour webinar featured several panelists and the following topics were covered: Background on the Virus, Building Operations, Property Pandemic Response Plan Basics, and Personal/Family Preparedness.


BOMA International

Description: In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn how to create building re-entry plan for your properties, develop steps and strategies for implementing and communicating your plan, identify resources for information and updates on COVID-19 response and understand BOMA International's recommended best practices for building re-entry.

Description: In this 1 hour webinar, you'll learn about the mitigating actions building owners and managers should be taking now to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Description: In this 1 hour webinar, you'll learn about the mitigating actions building owners and managers should be taking now to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the days, weeks and months ahead.


Other BOMA Local Associations

BOMA Canada

Description: This 1 hour webinar covers considerations for building operations, vendors and supplies, and tenant & buildings communications when preparing your buildings for back to work.


BOMA Orange County

Description: 1 hour webinar. With the anticipation of California reopening just around the corner, building owners and managers are faced with a new set of challenges as businesses reopen and Tenants return to work. This webinar discusses COVID-19-related back to work strategies of which are pressing among many in the CRE industry today.


BOMA San Francisco

Description: 1 hour webinar. Returning to work once the shelter in place order is lifted poses many questions for building operators, tenants, visitors and vendors. In preparation for building re-occupancy, hear what new practices have been adopted in China in response to the Coronavirus. This webinar discusses building protocols as they relate to tenant re-occupancy, treatment of visitors, building operations and services.



BOMA Greater St. Paul

Description: 1 hour webinar. With the virus crisis leading to a recession, building owners and managers are facing a variety of potential legal issues, such as whether to consider rent abatements and reductions, force majeure, business interruption insurance, and a range of other topics.  How should buildings and properties approach these and other related issues?


BOMA Georgia

Description: This 1 hour webinar explores how the CARES Act impacts personal finance, budgeting, investing basics, estate planning, and more. While the webinar is primarily designed for young professionals, much of the content is applicable to individuals of any age.

Description: This 5 minute video presents the challenges and opportunities available to leaders and their teams in response to COVID-19.

Description: This 3:45 minute video explores the concepts of being a giver and servant leadership as researched and published by Grant.

Description: This 7:28 minute video addresses the topic of mindfulness and dealing with uncertainty around issues like COVID-19.

Description: This 5:44 minute video explores two elements of mindfulness: being mindful and mindfulness practices.

Description: This 2 minute video discusses access to food for individuals and families who are staying home in response to COVID-19.

Description: This 2 minute video discusses the special dietary considerations parents and guardians should make for school-age children in their care.

Description: This 4:34 minute video shares small changes that you can incorporate in your daily life to form healthier eating habits.

Description: This 1:32 minute video discusses food safety considerations to bear in mind when usual food consumption patterns have been disrupted due to COVID-19.

Description: This 1 hour webinar takes a holistic look at maintaining and enhancing the tenant, customer, and employee experience in dealing with COVID-19. It also briefly examines considerations for reducing operating expenses an preparing for increased building utilization.

Description: This 4 minute video discusses considerations for maintaining good mental health during a time of physical distancing.

Description: This 5:45 minute video discusses the remote work dynamic and finding physical activity to supplement your day. With many workers teleworking for the first time in response to stay-at-home mandates and guidelines issued as a result of COVID-19, there is a tendency for these individuals to be sitting more often.

Description: 4.5 minute video. For many who are new to remote work, finding ways to stay fit can be a challenge. In this video, Tara shares advice with remote workers on how to incorporate fitness into their daily practices for better overall health.

Description: This 1 hour webinar explores the tactics that some property management and building operations staff are implementing to cut costs at their properties in response to a lower building utilization rate. It also highlights some efforts property managers and building engineers can take in conducting maintenance and preparing for a large number of tenants to return to work in office buildings.

Description: This 2.5 minute video reminds leaders of the importance of maintaining a hopeful perspective on COVID-19 as they look back historically on similar threats to humanity.

Description: This 2.5 minute video reminds viewers that in addition to hope, they must also remain informed about the reality of the current situation and be realistic in terms of expectations. Individuals who maintain hope enhance their ability to take care of themselves, others, their businesses, and the community in which they live.

Description: This 1 hour informative webinar recording with our expert facilitator Cynthia Mills explores solutions to help alleviate the worries and maximize the productivity of your teams for the weeks ahead.

Description: This 1 hour webinar with expert facilitator Cynthia Mills explores the basic principles of being a successful remote employee, including actions that everyone can take to manage work styles, address engagement preferences and consider reducing stress in an ever evolving environment.

Description: This 5-minute video offers three ideas to keep in mind for those seeking to make their remote work experience productive and successful.

 Description: This 5-minute video offers three areas of focus that will help leaders thrive in this new climate.

Description: In this 4-minute video, Infection Prevention Manager, Krystle Johnson RN, MSN, CIC, with Emory Healthcare discusses building and office cleaning, as well as the disposal of waste. Krystle discusses cleaning needs and frequency for high-touch surfaces, as well as considerations for higher trafficked areas of a building and amenities like the office gym.

Description: In this 3-minute video, Infection Prevention Manager, Krystle Johnson RN, MSN, CIC, with Emory Healthcare shares information on hand hygiene that can help reduce the spread of infectious disease. Hand hygiene is a critical component of infection prevention. Krystle discusses the ideal duration of hand washing, water temperature, and often-missed areas when washing hands. She also discusses the use of hand sanitizing solution.

Description: In this 5-minute video, infectious disease expert Kim Delahanty outlines the practice of physical distancing and its effectiveness in slowing the spread of diseases like the COVID-19 virus.

Description: Leaders are dealing with an increase in the frequency and magnitude of information when experiencing a crisis. Those leaders will be challenged to balance the human needs with the business needs. This 5-minute video shares how leaders can manage these competing priorities.

Description: Making decisions during a period of long-term uncertainty is one of the more challenging components of leadership in response to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to be effective, Cynthia Mills of The Leaders’ Haven outlines three different disciplines that leaders need to keep in mind when making short-term and long-term decisions during periods of uncertainty in this 3-minute video.




COVID-19 Resources and Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Preparing for Emergency Evacuations PDF (2.61 MB)  more ] Administration 9/21/2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tenant FAQ PDF (125.62 KB)  more ] Administration 9/21/2020
Industrial Re-Set: Operational & Management Guide PDF (118.17 KB)  more ] Administration 9/21/2020
CDC Activities Initiatives for COVID-19 Response PDF (806.03 KB)  more ] Administration 5/27/2020
CDC Workplace Decision Tree PDF (140.77 KB)  more ] Administration 5/27/2020
CDC Reopening America Guidance PDF (241.27 KB)  more ] Administration 5/27/2020
UW Best Practices FactSheet Cleaning PDF (639.89 KB)  more ] Administration 5/27/2020
Building Re-Entry: 10 Essential Resources for PMs Link  more ] Administration 5/26/2020
OSHA: Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID19 PDF (1.15 MB)  more ] Administration 5/11/2020
CDC Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting - 4.28.20 PDF (187.33 KB)  more ] Administration 5/11/2020
CDC Cleaning & Disinfecting - Decision Tool PDF (367.61 KB)  more ] Administration 5/11/2020
Retail Readiness Essentials Checklist Link  more ] Administration 5/5/2020
Warehouse Readiness Essentials Checklist Link  more ] Administration 5/5/2020
Operational Savings: A Guide Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2020
Engaging Your Virtual Team: Best Practices Link  more ] Administration 4/29/2020
Building Re-Occupancy: Considerations from AIHA PDF (636.71 KB)  more ] Administration 4/13/2020
Business Re-Entry Program: WA State PDF (216.73 KB)  more ] Administration 4/3/2020
CARES Act - Tax Analysis Link  more ] Administration 3/31/2020
U.S. Chamber of Commerce - CARES Act Link  more ] Administration 3/31/2020
Coronavirus, Cleaning and Property Management PDF (1.48 MB)  more ] Administration 3/27/2020
World Health Organization (WHO) Link  more ] Administration 3/20/2020
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website Link  more ] Administration 3/20/2020
[VIDEO] BOMA Webinar: Coronavirus Info - 3.17.2020 Link  more ] Administration 3/31/2020
King County Public Health Slides from 3.17 Webinar PDF (2.19 MB)  more ] Administration 3/31/2020
U.S. Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Link  more ] Administration 3/20/2020
Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance PDF (1.97 MB)  more ] Administration 3/20/2020
2019 BOMA Canada Guide to Pandemic Planning PDF (405.12 KB)  more ] Administration 3/20/2020
BOMA_International_What_You_Need_to_Know_-_Nov.pdf PDF (81.62 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
2015_Seattle_Mechanical_Code_-_Ventilation_Cha.pdf PDF (185.64 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
Pandemic_Response_and_Protocols_for_Facilities.pdf PDF (3.22 MB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
NAFA_Guidelines_-_Airborne_Infections_Containm.pdf PDF (243.2 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
King_County_Health_Advisory_novel-coronavirus-.pdf PDF (195.13 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
COVID-19_Preparedness_Checklist_March_4_2020_-.pdf PDF (84.37 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
COVID-19_-_Precautionary_Measures_-_CCS_Presen.pdf PDF (1.34 MB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
Coronavirus_Prevention_and_Response_-_AK_Prepa.pdf PDF (130.52 KB)  more ] Administration 4/1/2020
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